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    I make artworks with creavity, concept and passion.
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About Me

Hello! I'm Özkan Durakoglu, a photomanipulation artist. I am very passionate about manipulation and it becomes quite obvious in the way I create artworks.

I was born in Germany and now live in Turkey. I'm married and have one child. I've been interested in photography for 15 years. In recent years, I have won many awards and exhibitions related to photomanipulation.


7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 "Nomination in Professional Photomanipulation Category"
ND Awards 2020 "Photomanipulation Category" 1st Place and Gold Star Award
35AWARDS 2020 "Horror Photography" Best Photograph
35AWARDS 2020 "Horror Photography" Best Photographer

35AWARDS 2019 Great Photographers "Conseptual Photo" TOP20 Photographers
35AWARDS 2019 Best Photos "Conseptual Photo" TOP100 Photos
500PX 2020 "Broken Reality" Honouring
ND Awards 2019 "Photomanipulation Category" 3rd Place and Bronze Star Award
Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 "Season & Weather" 3rd Prize
Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 "Experimanetal Photography" Bronze Award


Hartlauer Foto Galerie Exhibition "CLIMATE, WIND & WEATHER" 2020
500PX "Broken Reality Exhibiton" 2020
Hartlauer Foto Galerie Exhibition "TREES & WOODS" 2019
Hartlauer Foto Galerie Exhibition "Off Limits - Kreative Fotografie" 2019


Nerdo Magazine - Argentina - 2020
Fine ArtPhoto - Germany - 2017
Inspades Magazine - Canada - 2016

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